Bose’s high-tech noise-canceling system is coming to cars Leave a comment

The company, which is mostly known for its lineup of high-quality speakers, designed this system with the goal of reducing unwanted noise in the cabin of your car. Called Bose QuietComfort Road Noise Control, it’s basically noise-canceling technology for your vehicle, and it’s now being made available to car manufacturers throughout the globe. At the heart of this innovative system are microphones and algorithms.

In fact, it all sounds super high-tech. Bose said it focused on all noise that can be annoying while you’re driving. And it’s done this through a combination of accelerometers, proprietary signal processing software, microphones, and the vehicle’s existing audio system, which all work together to stop any manner of unwanted sound that might be penetrating your vehicle’s cabin. 

Bose is aiming to address a problem that has troubled car manufacturers since vehicles were born. In the past, manufacturers have heavily insulated the body of cars or used noise-reducing tires to try to prevent the noise happening outside your vehicle from disturbing your peace of mind while you drive. These solutions have never really worked as intended, however.

Now, with The QuietComfort Road Noise Control, John Feng, the manager of Bose Automotive, said the company has finally achieved “a level of road noise reduction that sets Bose apart from other competitive offerings”. Bose is already collaborating with vehicle manufacturers to get QuietComfort Road Noise Control into vehicles. It expects the system to be in vehicles by the end of 2021.

It will even be available to cars that don’t feature a Bose speaker sound system.  


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